DISCOVERY™ is Aurora Spine's modern, minimally invasive cervical interbody fusion system. Manufactured out of PEEK, each cage is precision coated with TiNANO®, Aurora Spine's titanium plasma spray coating. Aurora Spine cages feature a self-distracting nose, as well as teeth on the inferior and superior surfaces to help prevent retropulsion and migration. Graft windows have been designed to maximize the space for bone materials to help promote integration and fusion. Cages are available in various footprints and heights to accomodate variations in patient anatomy. Interbody cages featuring TiNANO are designed to have a friction fit. The TiNANO coating will add approximately 0.25mm thickness to the overall height of the cage.


In our drive to provide the best products possible for both surgeons and patients alike, all Aurora Spine products are pre-packged sterile.

Look for this logo on all our implant packaging!


DISCOVERY 2.0™ has been designed with new instrumentation, and is meant to work in conjunction with the DISCOVERY ACIF cage.